Kerala GDS 2017 Salary Details

The GDSs working in the GDS Post Offices will be known as Assistant Branch Post Master (ABPMs) and those working in the Department Post Offices will be known as Dak Sevak (DS). The rate of annual increase is recommended as 3%.

The Gds Bpm has five different types of pay band based on their Branch Office transactions and revenue. The statistics will be asked by the divisional head to revise their the pay fixation of gds bpm. If the transactions and revenue of the BO is comparatively high, the pay band of gds bpm will be high. If the revenue and transactions generated by the gds bpm is comparatively low, the pay band of the corresponding bpm will be revised to low. The salary of gds bpm is based on their revenue generated by their branch office.

The pay band of the newly recruited bpm fixed to minimum irrespective of branch office revenue. Initially the gds bpm pay band will be 2745-50-4245. If a newly recruited bpm join the office as on 25-05-2017, he will get the following salary.

Pay Band : (2745-50-4245)

Basic Pay:   2745

DA (136%): 3733

SA               :     25

OMA          :   100

Total           :  6603

The newly recruited gds bpm basic salary fixed as 2745. The Dearness Allowance (DA) as on 01-01-2017 is 136% of Basic pay. The gds bpm also applicable for  Stationary Allowance of Rs. 25  and Office Maintenance allowance of Rs.100 per month. Rs.50 deducted for EDGIS(Extra Departmental Group Insurance Scheme).

Once the gds bpm get confirmation order, the salary will be revise as per their branch office revenue. Once the confirmation order issued, they will get arrears as on appointment date. Normally this confirmation process takes one to two years.

Gds Bpm will get Rs. 50 as annual increment.

Other than this GDS BPM, MD, MC, Packer gets 20 days paid leave per year. They will get paid for these 20 days of paid leave.

GDS MD, GDS MC, GDS Packer also eligible for Cycle Allowance of Rs.90. The Cycle Allowance Not applicable to gds bpm.

The female staffs eligible for maternity leave.60 days of salary provided for them during maternity leave.   For example, if a female employee takes 3 months of leave as maternity leave, she can get the salary for 2 months in their 3 months leave.

salary of GDS BPM II : The next level of GDS BPM I

The revenue of gds bpm II is relatively higher than gds bpm I.

Basic Pay    :3200

DA 136%     :4352

SA                :     25

OMA           :   100

Total           :  7677

The salary of GDS BPM III :

The revenue of GDS BPM III is comparatively higher than GDS BPM I, II. Hence the higher basic pay fixed for gds bpm III.

Basic Pay   : 4200

DA 136%   : 5712

SA              :     25

OMA         :   100

Total         : 10037

GDS BPM salary 2017 as on 25-05-2017 is Rs. 6553(take home.). The pay fixation will be revised after confirmation order.

What is the salary of gramin dak sevak after 7th cpc?

The 7th Pay Commission have introduced four new level in gramin dak sevak. There are two level in Gds bpm such as gds bpm level 2 and gds bpm level 1 and other than gds bpm , there are two levels for all gramin dak sevak namely gds level 2 and gds level 1. The newly recommended salary for gramin dak sevek in 7th cpc are as follows

FOR BPM LEVEL 2 : 14500-35800

BPM LEVEL 1 : 12000-29380

FOR OTHER GDS LEVEL 1 : 10000-24470

GDS LEVEL  2 : 12000-29380

From the above recommendation its clearly known that the gramin dak sevak salary 2017 after seventh pay commission will be 12000(minimum) for gds bpm and Rs.10000 for other gramin dak sevak such as gds md, gds mc, gds packer. The current salary of gramin dak sevak bpm is 6553(Take Home) as on 01.01.2017.


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